Exposure Management

Managing your exposure to perils and accumulations risk

Assess the impact of nat cat events on your business in real-time

2011 was the worst year on record for economic losses from natural catastrophes....with approx. $370 billion in economic losses and $116 billion in insured losses.

With the impact of climate change, and the increase in the number of significant weather events, insurers need to be able to effectively manage their exposure, as well as quickly assess their exposure when an event occurs in real-time. The exposure management function within LexisNexis® Map View provides you with full visibility into your perils and accumulations risk across your entire book of business. By providing visibility into all known and calculated hotspots, you can better control and manage your overall exposure globally.

Single, aggregated repository of all your risk information

The exposure management function within Map View gives you a real-time visual display and analysis of your entire policy book. It provides a single, aggregated repository of all your risk information including policies, quotes and claims, as well as historical perils risk data and events. By allowing you to collect, store and present aggregated risk data, in a centralised view, and in a visually engaging way, you can easily illustrate, model and report various potential "what-if" exposure scenarios. The exposure management feature of Map View is also designed to enable you to calculate real-time views on actual nat cat events as they unfold.

The import facility within Map View allows you to overlay the outline or shapefile of an event onto the map to enable your exposure to be calculated. The event library comprises a wide range of event types, including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and wildfires. It also contains a library of historical events that you can add to your analyses to facilitate comparisons.

Visualise your exposure to nat cat events

When an event occurs, the exposure management function within Map View enables you to respond quickly and address some key questions throughout the duration of the event:

  • What customers have been affected? Which customers are likely to be impacted?
  • What potential claims may be made? What claims have already been filed?
  • What is my total exposure?

Understand your perils and accumulations exposure

Key benefits of the exposure management function within Map View include:

  • Increase visibility into your overall exposure, from an accumulations and perils standpoint, allowing you to automatically monitor and enforce your exposure-related business rules.
  • Gain a single, current corporate view of all your risks and overall exposure.
  • As an event occurs, quickly assess your exposure, determine those customers impacted so you can respond immediately with efficient customer service, and estimate your maximum loss.
  • Reduce reinsurance spend due to better risk assessment and exposure management practices.

Why LexisNexis?

SaaS delivery

Delivered as a fully serviced online application means the exposure management function within Map View offers built-in flexibility, scalability, and security as well as excellent performance and availability.

Experience in data management 

At LexisNexis, we empower our customers to harness critical data that they already have, but which is not easily accessible, into a simple, aggregated view. With our "Data Made Simple" approach to data management, we connect the dots between our customers' policy,

claims and quote information with perils data, creating a visual map showing how all this information relates and fuses together. 

Aggregating all this risk information together, makes it easy for our customers to pinpoint areas of over-exposure due to accumulations or perils risk.

Focus on insurance

Leveraging years of experience working with some of the world's leading insurers, we understand the challenges of our customers to improve underwriting performance, better manage their exposure, and grow their business - and we are committed to helping our clients achieve these goals.