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Improving Risk Selection and Exposure Management

The power to visualise risk and the insight to control your exposure

In today's challenging environment, insurers are focused on customer retention and acquisition, and increasing cost savings and efficiencies. With the impact of climate change, competitive and regulatory pressure, as well as the need to understand location-based risk, and overall exposure at the time of an incident, many property insurers are rethinking their approach to assessing risk and managing exposure. Insurance companies are continuously driven to gain greater control on their existing books, offer more competitive rates, tighten risk control and achieve lower reinsurance outcomes.

Assess your perils and accumulations risk and manage your exposure with Mapflow

Mapflow is the leading provider of location and risk intelligence solutions to the global insurance industry. Our software platform allows insurance companies to aggregate their risk data from multiple sources, enabling them to make more informed underwriting decisions, better manage their exposure and reduce reinsurance costs. Over eight thousand commercial property underwriters rely on Mapflow to assess their risk and manage their exposure.

Why Mapflow?

Focus on insurance

Leveraging years of experience working with the world's leading insurers, we are focused on helping property insurers address their underwriting, risk, exposure and data management challenges.




SaaS delivery

Mapflow's risk assessment and exposure management platform is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, and is designed to be highly secure, flexible and scalable. Our SaaS delivery model has a proven track record of excellent service availability. Mapflow's approach to delivering service builds on core competencies in data processing and management, storage and analysis.



Data management

Mapflow's "Data Made Simple" approach enables property insurers to leverage the critical risk data required to manage and optimise their book of business, aggregating it into a single, centralised view. With deep expertise in integrating multiple, large data sets and presenting this complex information visually, we help clients transform location intelligence into business advantage.



Customer relationships

At Mapflow, we are proud of the customer relationships we've built. With our open and transparent approach, we empower our customers to harness the information they need to run their business.